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Trivia Machine

Climb to the top of the ladder by answering fun questions from the trivia machine!
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6 November 2004

Editor's review

Trivia Machine is a fun puzzle game that you would love your kids to play.
A unique combination of fun with education suitable for users of all ages. It is a repository of over seven thousand trivia questions. You will be able to score higher and climb higher on the ladder to success as you answer each question correctly. The questions are interesting for sure and they are based on nine different categories. Answering a question right is highly appraising but surely you require some strategy to meet the challenging questions. You are assured you will never get bored of it because each time you come across a different set of questions downloaded automatically. You can choose the categories and difficulty levels on your own. You would have never had so much fun before even in a live quiz as in the lightning rounds of questions.
Addiction to a computer game was never so acceptable before.

Publisher's description

Climb to the top of the ladder by answering fun questions from the trivia machine! The game features over 7,000 trivia questions in 9 fun categories. The unique game play involves strategy as well as trivia's challenging and entertaining! New questions are downloaded automatically so you may never see the same question twice.
Trivia Machine
Trivia Machine
Version 1.1
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